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Please feel free to fill in all the details required for Permanent positions as applicable.


In order to promote you successfully, it is vital that you fill in all of your information. If you need to come back to update your information, please remember to save what you have done frequently and before you leave the site.


Do not forget to upload your CV here and remember that whether you are a Techie or a Novice, uploading a picture could not be any easier.


Be honest and truthful about your details. 


Remember, we can help you with any aspect of this site, so please feel free to ask. We want you to succeed so that you recommend us to others. 




  • YOUR PROFILE PAGE: - It is crucial that you complete this section. In order to maximize your chances of receiving all the offers matching your criteria. Make sure that you complete your profile page correctly and do not forget to include your CV and attach a picture if possible.
  • Include all relevant experience and knowledge in your CV
  • Refresh your CV regularly as new experiences and skills gained
  • Select the positions you are interested in; Self Employed, Contract, Part Time or Full Time.
  • Check your email on a regular basis for the active search alerts and opportunities
  • Act on your received emails quickly – (You will receive daily, weekly or monthly emails, listing all the jobs that meet your criteria.)
  • Boost your chances, become a HOT CHEF by upgrading your account
  • Remember, Hot Chefs are moved to the front page, giving them much more exposure
  • Check this site regularly as you will also have access to all open jobs posted.


And finally, every now and then update your picture to keep your detail looking new and exciting. 


For more tips or help, simply call us on 020 3560 4143


Good Luck!

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